22 November 2006

NOTICE -- New CD & DVD Collections Available.

The HMS Challenger library is available in 16 updated topical collections, available individually or as a set.

The CD  collections include the entire contents of the HMS Challenger library as currently posted (text images at 100 ppi). The DVD collections include the contents plus text images at 400 ppi and  original full-size unprocessed photographic images of all plates at 200 ppi.

Each CD and  DVD is designed to operate independently, or the contents can be combined to mirror the web site collection.

Both collections are available in standard high quality media or in special archival gold media, rated for over 100 years.

Please use the links below (at the bottom of this page) to place orders.

Similar collections for the Golden Age of Geology library will be available after adding some important new material to the collection.

Please send any inquiries or special requests to 
Dr. David C. Bossard.

NOTE: Backup DVDs are no longer offered separately, as all of the site content is included in these collections.

This catalog links to a PAYPAL shopping cart. You do not have to be a Paypal member to make a credit card purchase. 

If you do NOT wish to use PAYPAL, you may also pay with a money order payable in $US, but please notify us by email before you do.  The email address is displayed in the shopping cart.

Please do not send personal checks. Send cash in $US at your own risk (but its probably safe, at least at this end).

A shipping/handling charge of $3 is added to each order, regardless of the number of items purchased.  Our desire is to make these CDs and DVDs available worldwide,
so there is no added charge for shipment outside of the U.S. 

Items will be shipped
first-class in North America, and airmail outside of North America. Shipment will be made as soon as possible after receiving payment. If there is any delay (to make additional CDs, for example) we will notify you immediately by email.

Satisfaction is guaranteed, and we will replace defective items, or refund payment if you notify us within a reasonable time (30 days seems reasonable to us) with the reason for your dissatisfaction.

You can check your shopping cart at any time by using this link:

You can change quantities, delete items, and do final checkout from the Shopping Cart.

You are not committed to complete a purchase or provide any personal information until the final checkout.

The Collection of HMS Challenger reports is available  in both CD and DVD format.

The CD reports contain the text pages at 100 ppi, to conserve space and facilitate download. Plates are at both 100 ppi and 200 ppi. Maps and charts are at resolutions up to 600 ppi.

The DVD reports include the contents of the CD reports plus the text pages at 400 ppi (to use with optical character recognition software), and copies of the original (trimmed but otherwise unedited) page photographs.  The original copies can be used to re-process pages (improve rendition, color, contrast, etc.)

This is the first complete compilation of the H.M.S. Challenger reports in an electronic format, and it is expected that improvements in quality will be made over time.

The catalog of individual CDs is in two parts, to limit the size of the downloads. Each listing includes an illustrative image from the report. Further information is available in the "more..." link.

Catalog of Individual CDs, through Zoology-39
Catalog of Individual CDs, Zoology-40 to Zoology-83
Catalog of CD and DVD Collections